Senior Front-end Developer (Remote)


SORAMITSU is an award-winning financial technology company delivering blockchain-based solutions that represent the next-generation of fintech and DeFi for enterprises, universities, and governments.

Established in Japan in 2016. Currently employing over 100 people across the globe with offices in Switzerland, Russia, Cambodia, Thailand, Japan, Niue and Dubai.

We have many widely recognized projects in both institutional and crypto, including BakongFearless WalletKAGOMEFUHON, and of course, our core contributions to Hyperledger IrohaSORA and Polkaswap.

SORAMITSU was recognized as the “Central Bank Digital Currency Partner of the Year 2020” by Central Banking.

You can familiarize yourself with our various activities by visiting our homepage at or check out our Twitter profile.

Our distributed team is spread across Europe, Asia, Middle East, North America and Oceania. We use Telegram for communication, Zoom for meetings, Google Workspace and Notion for collaboration, and Jira, Confluence and GitHub to facilitate agile development processes in general.

SORAMITSU CO., LTD. / Senior Front-end Developer (Remote)の求人情報

仕事内容We are looking for a senior Front-end Developer that has experience with critical production systems (i.e. payment systems, B2B systems, Telco or similar systems). The project is related to finance and blockchain. The responsibility would be to design, implement and support software production solutions that will be used by our clients, write tests for the system and guarantee high quality of functional and non-functional characteristic of produced code, perform code review for other developers, take part into making architectural decisions, transfer knowledge to other team members and mentor junior developers. The candidate will also be responsible for interviewing people that will perform backend development related tasks and work in the development team. The candidate will also need to select and integrate frameworks and libraries which will be the part of software systems and to prove his/her selection. As senior developer, candidate should understand the business goals of the system, plan his/her work upfront, provide correct estimations to each task and able to foresee possible problems and eliminate them before they appear.

- Design, implement and support software system
- Write tests which will cover major amount of functionality and non-functional requirements
- Perform code review for other front-end developers
- Participate in architecture meetings and take part in making architecture decisions
- Provide knowledge transfer inside the company (document important parts of the system, provide workshops or lectures inside the company)
- Provide mentorship for junior developers and interns
- Analyse requirements and select technologies which will speed up implementation keeping quality on needed level
- Provide estimations for all related tasks
- Perform issue- and bug-fixing
待遇-Group benefit program
- Social committee
-Relaxed work environment
勤務時間 Flexible 40 working hours/ week
必須スキル・経験【Education and experience】
- A bachelor’s degree or higher
- At least 4 years of experience in Javascript development an how web works
- At least 2 years of pertinent experience at the similar senior position
- Knowledge of software engineering processes
- Experience in designing software solutions
- Participation on key position in at least one successful project.

【Technical competences and qualifications】
- Excellent analytical and problem-solving skills
- Deep knowledge of Javascript language
- Good understanding of building tools, for example Webpack
- NodeJS knowledge and how it differs from developing client-side applications is a plus
- Experience in optimizing web assets and content (chunking, server-side (pre)rendering, lazy loading, etc.)
- Skilled at writing tests (test-driven approach is preferred) and using UI testing frameworks
- Proficiency in html/css markup
歓迎スキル・経験【Required soft skills】
- Impeccable communication, presentation and organizational skills
- Significant attention to details
- Maintain a positive attitude while giving and receiving constructive criticism to make improvements and take appropriate corrective actions
- Honesty and ethic
- Be open to changes (positive or negative) and to considerable variety in the work place
- Willingness to take on responsibilities and challenges
その他【Our technologies】
- React / Vuejs as front-end frameworks
- Cloud-based environment
- JIRA as task-tracker

【Working Conditions】
- Full time position with Soramitsu company in Russia
- Group benefit program
- Social committee


東京都Link Square Shinjuku 16F, 5-27-5, Sendagaya, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo
企業概要financial technology company